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Watch the new Two Truths & A Lie session (@thedenrecording) with @borncages! It’s reeeeeeally good.

First video up on the #NYT site!

Go check out this video of @borncages that I helped shoot for Two Truths and a Lie. @thedenrecording … Sick directing & editing by @factorysealed!

First assignment went live this morning. #assistanteditor #nyt

First assignment went live this morning. #assistanteditor #nyt

Apparently procuring a decent card reader is like finding the white whale.

Shooting Pilates! #freelance

Temporary assignment, but amazing to see this regardless. #freelance

I think I just made a tiny Bruce Willis. #stopmotion #clay

Shot Born Cages today. Thanks to @factorysealed for the sneak-shot! @thedenrecording

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